Park Station: Walk to Town Lift

Park Station offers one of the best locations in Park City. Located on lower Main Street in the heart of the historic district with abundant shopping, dining and nightlife right outside your door. Just one block from Town Lift for easy access to Park City Mountain’s unique Town Lift so you can explore the largest ski resort in the US. Choose from 1 to 5 bedroom condos or hotel rooms, perfect for any size group. Located on the free town-wide shuttle route for easy access to all of Park City’s attractions including Deer Valley Resort, Canyons Village at Park City Resort, and the Park City Outlet mall. Seasonal swimming pool, hot tub, saunas and keyless entry options. Each unit has high speed WI-Fi and access to common area laundry. Enjoy the welcoming fireplace and a full kitchen in your home away from home, excluding hotel rooms.

Amenities Include: 

  • Seasonal community outdoor pool and hot tub, view pool annual schedule
  • Seasonal indoor hot tub and sauna
  • Ice and vending machines
  • Complimentary parking
  • Firewood provided during the winter
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Guest Reviews

4.6 of 5 average



Great location. Walkable to everything. Clean and spacious condo. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Submitted on Oct 4, 2023 through VRBO



This condo was in a great location for our summer getaway in Park City. It was an easy walk to Main street and tons of shops and restaurants. The condo was clean and comfortable and had everything we needed. The air conditioning also worked great which was good because it was unusually warm when we were there. Easy access to hot tub, pool, and bike path. Check out was easy as well.

Submitted on Jul 20, 2023 through VRBO



We were overall impressed with the size , layout, and cleanliness of the property. The common area and lobby had just been remodeled too with new carpet, paint, walls,etc. The kitchen had a great layout, with plenty of glassware, dishes and utensils. The bedroom was good size, with comfortable beds. The only slight downside was the shower area/ toilet, the area was a bit cramped and small. We liked how we could easily walk to Main Street, and checked out the Street Faire on Sunday which had lots of food options and artwork for sale. Close drive to the Olympic Village, close to Deer Valley. Would definately stay again!

Submitted on Jul 10, 2023 through VRBO



Clean, convenient, and close to everything in Park City.

Submitted on Apr 5, 2023 through VRBO



Clean, convenient to town and town lift. Management company provided good support and concierge recommendations.

Submitted on Apr 3, 2023 through VRBO



Convenient, well maintained property steps away from Town Lift and downtown restaurants/ parking

Submitted on Mar 7, 2023 through VRBO



Property was great and the location was even better. Easy walk to town and lift. WE could not have been happier.

Submitted on Jan 20, 2023 through VRBO



Our stay was great! The condo was incredibly close to Main Street and everything was in walking distance. Things were clean and the views were great. Nice easy check in and check out process.

Submitted on Sep 8, 2022



We enjoyed our stay at this condo in PC. We were only here for a short stay in August, but the condo was in a great location and walking distance to everything! The pool and hot tub were great too! Kitchen was fully equipped and the beds and linens were very comfortable. Would recommend!

Submitted on Aug 13, 2022

walk to main street and town lift, on free shuttle line.



Nice place, clean, comfortable bed. Didn't spend much time in the place, but we were comfortable when we were there.

Submitted on Jul 10, 2022

main street area condo on free shuttle route walk to lifts



Great location near Main St.

Submitted on Jul 2, 2022

convenient to everything



We really enjoyed our stay. Condo in the heart of Park City. You can walk to restaurants etc. We came to hike. Found so many hikes within a 30 min or less drive. Condo was very clean and well equipped. The manager did everything they could to make sure we had what we needed.

Submitted on Aug 13, 2021

Carol M


Submitted on Feb 21, 2021 through Google

highly recommend

Sheri R.


I want to let everyone know that Park City Lodging is a fantastic and responsive management company and I highly recommend looking at their site to find a vacation rental. Anytime I needed help or had questions, they answered immediately, and made us feel so welcome. I truly have never had a management company take care of us like that. Park Station was older and charming and the layout of the 2 bedroom condos was perfect for 4 of us. We had ample room for storage of clothes and ski equipment, food and luggage. The fireplace worked perfectly and they provided great dried wood so it was effortless to start a fire. The furnishings were comfortable and well maintained. The kitchen was completely stocked. And we loved the outdoor hot tub. You are steps away from Main street, so it is a highly convenient location as well. They even texted me to let me know they found my daughter's swimsuit and wondered how they could get it to us. Booking with them can also gain you a $300 Delta voucher for your next flight! Ryan and her team should be commended for making it so comfy for us with extra towels and any other questions or needs we had. We liked it so much, we are arranging to return just a few weeks later and want to stay with this company.

Submitted on Feb 18, 2021 through Google

great location comfortable stay



The location is perfect! With easy access to restaurants, shops, and the town lift. The condo was amazing, full kitchen fireplace and lots of space. The beds were extremely comfortable especially after a long day of skiing. The management company made sure all of our needs were met!

Submitted on Jan 15, 2021

great location!



Nice being downtown

Submitted on Jan 15, 2021

we’ll definitely be back

Susie S.


I had a reservation at another place and called your representatives at Park City Lodging. Your reservation team was so helpful. I described what I was looking for and I believe it was Laurie who said I should stay at Park Station Condos. The location was exactly what I was looking for. It was such a great walk to the town lift, restaurant, and shops on Main Street. Trudy helped me with booking and during our stay I was assisted with any of my questions from Will, Ryan, and I believe Katie. The unit had everything we needed in it and your staff was so helpful and accommodating. Thanks for making our trip to Park City so great. We’ll definitely be back.

Submitted on Jan 6, 2021 through Email

great stay!

Brooke S.


We had a great stay at Park Station 228 managed by Park City Lodging. Katie emailed me all the arrangements and immediately responded to any of our questions. When we arrived, the entire condo was immaculately clean. We needed a few extra items and assistance with the cable, and everything was attended to within the hour by Tony, Wade, Jordan, and Mark. They are a professional and responsive management team!

Submitted on Dec 2, 2020 through Google

highly recommend.

Ken B.


Was perfect for our weekend getaway. Super close to historic main street and a gorgeous view of the ski slopes from the balcony. Only issue could be parking. Off season wasn't an issue but there weren't many extra stalls.

Submitted on Oct 12, 2020 through VRBO

long weekend stay

Beth K


Fantastic property. Plenty of room for 3 adults. Comfortable. The road noise in the bedroom and porch can be a bit loud during the morning/evenings.

Submitted on Aug 13, 2020 through VRBO

lovely place, very clean



Lovely place, very clean, easy check in and the location was absolutely perfect!

Submitted on Jul 28, 2020

loved the location



Loved the location. Was within walking distance of Main Street. The pool was nice, but my favorite was the huge hot tub. Would definitely stay in the future. I loved how it was treated during these uncertain times of COVID-19. Felt safe arriving at the apartment to see the tape to let us know it had been cleaned thoroughly.

Submitted on Jul 14, 2020 through AirBnB

Steve A


The room was clean and spacious. It was a bit outdated but we saw that online and not any surprise. It was very close to downtown. We checked in 3/14/20 about three hours before PCMR shut down. So we didn't get to utilize the condo as we had hoped. We shortened our trip to a couple days and made the best of it. The hot tubs stayed open and the management team refunded our unused stay. I would have no problem booking this condo again and would recommend to anyone.

Submitted on Mar 22, 2020 through VRBO

great location. very nice condo!

Scott A.


We love this property for the location.

Submitted on Feb 18, 2020 through VRBO

nice place

Carl S.


The property was very nice as expected we would stay again.

Submitted on Feb 6, 2019 through VRBO

very clean. great location.

Shachelle M.


Very clean. Great location and very helpful team.

Submitted on Jan 14, 2019 through VRBO

perfect location!

Merri F.


We really enjoyed this condo. It was plenty of space for a family of 4. We took a shuttle in from the airport and didn't rent a car the entire trip. The town lift was so close and you can store your rentals at the ski shop so it was so easy to get on the mountain. There were also plenty of restaurants and bars within walking distance. I wish Park City had at least one pharmacy or small grocery shop in town though. You have to take the bus there, which is free and there is a bus stop right out front of our condo, but still managed to take about an hour in the cold. The condo itself was nice. There is a fireplace and they supplied some wood for fires but we had a hard time keeping the fire going so ended up buying some Duraflame logs. We arrived during a super cold snap. Our driver said it was the coldest it had been in the SLC area in some time. So, the bedrooms were a bit chilly despite the fire and cranking up the heat. Also, the kitchen could use a few things...the rental company did not supply dish soap so everything had to go in the dishwasher. There were no kitchen scissors. They gave us some coffee but no coffee filters. But, overall the condo had almost everything we needed. It was furnished nicely and super convenient.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we are so glad you found the condo was perfect for your trip! We are so sorry about the dish soap and filters as we typically stock those in every one of our properties, we will address it with our staff here and appreciate the feedback.

Submitted on Jan 11, 2019 through VRBO

location and entire experience was great

Diedra S


The boys loved the easy walk to the lift and The adults loved the easy walk to downtown. The customer service was top notch!!! And we didn’t need anything just the welcoming.

Thanks so much for choosing to stay with us! We are glad you found everything to be perfect for your stay

Submitted on Jan 7, 2019 through VRBO

great location, great value

Amy M.


We enjoyed our stay.

Submitted on Jan 6, 2019 through VRBO

very nicely furnished and clean. convenient to town

Susan M.


Great kitchen for cooking and entertaining. The only negative wash that the building itself seemed a bit dated. We did not use the pool or other facilities.

Submitted on Mar 22, 2018 through VRBO

exceeded my expectations at every level

A FlipKey verified reviewer


The unit was perfectly located at the edge of Main street in Park City and within a short walk to shopping and dining. In addition, there was a bus stop immediately outside the building so I was able to hop on the bus and get to the other mountains. The unit was very well furnished and had a nice patio outback for relaxing after days of hiking and biking.

Park City Lodging, Inc. and Park Station 111 would like to thank you for taking time to review your stay with us. We are so pleased that you enjoyed all that Park City and Park Station have to offer and hope you will come back soon! Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Aug 8, 2015 through FlipKey, Inc.

nice place

Maria Regina Migliavacca


There was a nice place for all of us. We like the way you've decorated and the service/amenities, as well. The location is really good!

Thank you for writing a review of your recent stay at Park Station. We are pleased that you enjoyed your stay and look forward to assisting you with your future lodging needs. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Mar 28, 2014 through FlipKey, Inc.

great location and remodeled unit



If you stay at park Station ask for pictures of the unit . Our friends were told they were getting a similar unit to ours but the only thing similar was it had 2 bedrooms and o2. Many of these units are very old, showers trickle and overall they aren't worth the money. Ours was ok since it was remodeled but the complex's sauna and indoor hot tub were out of order the entire time. You are basically paying a premium for location so I would recommend staying in the Cantons or in a newer palce and rent a car

Submitted on Mar 20, 2014 through FlipKey, Inc.

well equipped condo



The condo has all the kitchen utensils that are needed for any meal preparation that you want. Furnishings are comfortable and well maintained. Right in town with the lift and restaurants/stores easily accessible. Bus stop is in front of the building.

Submitted on Mar 17, 2014 through FlipKey, Inc.

i will return!

Kate Shepard


Fantastic condo! Updates model with beautiful views and cozy fireplace! Great for couples, groups of friends, and families! I will definitely be returning. Very close to skiing and main street!

Thank you for reviewing your stay at Park Station. We are so pleased that you enjoyed your stay and do hope you will come back soon. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Feb 20, 2014 through FlipKey, Inc.

sick spot



Accommodations were great! Close to bars and restaurants and a stones throw from the town lift. Aside from the confusing TV, everything was great.

We are so HAPPY to learn that SICK means fabulous! Thank you so much for the great review and please come back and stay with us again. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Jan 29, 2014 through FlipKey, Inc.

great location and accomodations



Perfect location near Towne lift. This condo is on the first floor and has up-to-date furnishings. Forth trip to Park City and this is the best for the price.

We appreciate your review and are pleased that you enjoyed your stay at Park Station. We hope you will come back and stay with us again and again. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Jan 20, 2014 through FlipKey, Inc.

nice place to stay.

Seattle Jen


We were surprised how large this unit was!! It was well-appointed but we were in a family reunion and so had the chance to compare it to other units and it was by far inferior. The toilets had issues - both of them! The front desk help was very nice and helpful. Slow and odd elevator in the building. Very small pool, relatively clean. Short walk from main street so location was great.

Thank you for writing a review of your recent stay at Park Station 247. All of the properties at Park Station are privately owned and each is unique. Many of our owners have made significant upgrades while others are still working on making improvements. We will certainly share your comments with the property owner and talk with them about what steps they might take to improve it. We will also do a thorough review of the plumbing to ensure that it is working properly. Again, thank you for staying with us and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Aug 9, 2013 through FlipKey, Inc.

excellent service!!



The Staff at Park City Lodging were very friendly and helpful. The accomadations were clean and looked like the pictures we looked at prior to our arrival. I will use them again on our next trip.

Thank you for reviewing your stay at Park Station 247 and for recognizing our great staff. Customer service is extremely important to us and we are so pleased to hear that you were well taken care of. Please come back soon! Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Jun 19, 2013 through FlipKey, Inc.

awesome experience



I've been staying here for years, and as always it was an awesome trip, with great accomodations.

Thank you for your review. The highest compliment a property mangement company can get is a guest who returns year after year! We are pleased to have you as our guest and look forward to seeing you back at Park Station in the near future. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Apr 10, 2013 through FlipKey, Inc.

location location



Park Station is the perfect location at Park City- walk to town and town lift- free bus service right infront of the condo. Unit 113 was spacious, clean and had updated kitchen and bathrooms. Flat screen TVs were a plus !! Bedroom lights were a bit problematic for bedtime reading. A matched set of dishes would be nice - with a few more wine glasses- As it was spring like weather- we sat out on the patio in rather shabby chairs... Very generous closet space! Great front desk service!!! My son broke his snowboard toe binder and could not find anyone at the bottom of the Park City slope to fix it. The front desk returned my husband's call for help and then made the arrangements for my son to get the help he needed. All in all a terrific vacation!

Thank you for your review and for recognizing our great staff. Customer service is our number one priority and we are so pleased that we were able to provide it to you and your family. Please accept our apologies for the linen issues you encountered. Park City Lodging, Inc. owns all of the linens that are used in our rental properties, not the owners. We regret that you were misinformed and that your beds were not properly fitted. We assure you that we can remedy this type of situation with a quick phone call to our housekeeping department so when you return, please do not hesitate to ask! Again, we appreciate your comments and look forward to assisting you with your future lodging needs. Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Apr 8, 2013 through FlipKey, Inc.

great place to stay in park city!



Four of my college buddies and I have been going on an annual ski trip for nearly 10 years. After many trips to CO and other great ski destinations we chose Park City for this year's trip. Location to a lift was priority #1 for us followed by walking distance to night life. Park Station delivered on both without putting a major dent in our wallets. Being located 1 short block from the Town Center Lift and 1-2 additional blocks from tons of great local spots to eat and drink you just can't beat it for the price. The unit was very nice with plenty space for 5 guys and our equipment. Fireplace was nice but be sure to ask the front desk for some starter logs. The steam shower was great after a long cold day on the mountain but watch out it's almost be too much! The only thing about the unit I didn't care for were the beds. They were pretty firm and I prefer an ultra soft mattress but for an extended weekend who really cares. Other than that the unit was perfect and I would definitely stay in it again. Park Station was a great place to stay and was well worth money. The only complaint we had was on our last day. Upon arrival we had requested a late check out which we were told was 11:59am. Mrs. Nancy at the front desk who was great said she would make the arraignments. As we were showering and packing up to leave we got a call from the front desk (10:10am) and they asked if we were going to check out. When we explained that we had a late check out the lady said it was requested but not granted. Since we were not told otherwise during our stay we just assumed we had a late check out. Since we were up and packing anyway it wasn't a huge deal however, given the quality of service we experienced during our stay we were all quite stunned by the "not granted" phone call and the fact that no one bothered to inform us before then. Other than that one little issue the experienc was top notch.

Thank you very much for your review. We are so pleased that you found the accommodations met all of your needs and that you were able to take advantage of the great location Park Station has to offer both for skiing and apres' ski, as well. We are sincerely sorry about the confusion on your late check out request. While we take every step possible to ensure that guest requests are communicated to all of the departments affected, it is obvious that this did not happen in your case and we do apologize! We hope that you and your skiing companions will make Park City your destination of choice and Park City Lodging your first contact for lodging. Please come back soon! Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Mar 21, 2013 through FlipKey, Inc.

walking distance to everything!

CT Family


My family and I spent a week at Park Station 124. The condo is very clean and has a very nice layout. Plenty of space for my family of four. An added bonus was the humidifiers they provided which were invaluable to the quality of our stay. The unit is within walking distance (a short walk) to the town of Park City and the town lift. We rented equipment at the base of where the town lift is and we were able to store skis and boards there every night which was very convenient. We would definitely stay in this unit again!

Park City Lodging, Inc. and Park Station 124 are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your accommodations and your visit to Park City. We agree, Park Station enjoys the best of all worlds, including close proximity to the Town Chair and historic Main Street with its shops, restaurants and night life plus the nice amenities at the property. We do hope you will come back and stay with us again! Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Mar 12, 2013 through FlipKey, Inc.

great size condo, everything we needed



Condo was very clean and had everything we needed. Was toward the end of main st but a very easy walk to the action. Town lift does not start until 9am so we didnt use it once (too late for us) Other then that it was a great spot for the price

Thank you for your review. We are pleased that Park Station 247 met all of your needs and you enjoyed your stay with us. We certainly understand the need to hit the slopes early to take advantage of the greatest snow on earth! Sincerely, Park City Lodging, Inc.

Submitted on Feb 8, 2012 through FlipKey, Inc.

location is key



Great proximity to the PCR town lift, just one block, and to me, this was the most essential element. No need for a car, buses to Canyons, etc stopped right outside the condo. Hot tub was close to room and spacious. Service was excellent. Two bathrooms was key. Price was very competitive. Downsides: beds were just ok, the room was old, very 80's with a lot of brown on tan decor. A little banged up, kitchen sparsely equipped, but completely adequate for me and my three ski buddies needs. All in all, I'd do it again, great place. Just don't plan any dinner parties.

Park City Lodging, Inc. thanks you for your review of your stay at Park Station. Guest comments are invaluable to us as we use them to encourage rental owners to make upgrades to their property, as a tool for setting new customer service goals and to help us better understand how we can make your next stay even more enjoyable. The staff at Park City Lodging, Inc. looks forward to assisting you with your future lodging needs. Sincerely, Management

Submitted on Mar 10, 2011 through FlipKey, Inc.

very nice room

Richard Roe IV


very nice room, good location, town lift being closed for a couple of the days didnt help, but overall the walk to lifts wasnt too bad for the price

Thank you for you feedback. We are happy that you enjoyed the location and property. -Management

Submitted on Jan 6, 2011 through FlipKey, Inc.

great location for park city



we stay at park station because of the location! this particular unit should really have a table that seats at least 6...since the unit will sleep 8!!! also, the king bed in the master bedroom is wayyy too firm ...particularly for people who spend a month there. we have requested that unit again next year because there are no other acceptable units available (meaning updated and nicely furnished). housekeeping services were great and Woodie(at the front desk) is a great asset for Park Station!

We appreciate your feedback. We will use your comments to help improve future visits to this property. We have addressed your concerns with the Owner Services department. Thank you and we look forward to your future visit. -Thank you

Submitted on Sep 22, 2010 through FlipKey, Inc.

a fun weekend in park city with average lodging



The Park Station is a nice hotel in a great location, but we did have some issues. The check-in map was not well detailed and we spent 30 minutes trying to find our building. It said our unit was aB 242, but there was nothing on the map to lead us to that building. We found covered parking at the Towne Point building B and we thought Towne Point was part of Park Station so we walked through two Towne Point buildings trying to find 242. Then we ventured up to the check-in office and used the code to get in, but did not find our room. Finally we noticed the other building across from the pool and found our room. The hallways in the Park Station smell old and musty, but the room was nice. It was clean and well decorated. We have three issues with the room: we could never get the TV to work with the DVD player in the main room. There was no "input" channel for the TV to read the DVD player. We also tried in the master bedroom and we did find the inupt channels and we could hear the sound, but no picture. Not sure what was going on there. The main area bathroom toilet bowl was not refilling with water quickly so it wouldn't flush unless we waited for an hour (so we just used the bedroom bathroom). We also found a condom wrapper in the second bedroom that grossed out my wife - thank goodness we didn't find the condom! The pool was not heated so we didn't swim for more than 15 minutes or so which was dissapointing for my kids. The location was great though as the Park City Marathon passed right in front of our hotel on the jogging path, close to the park for our kids to play and close to main street where we saw the Tour of Utah bike race arrive on Saturday and had lots of fun on Sunday at the Park Silly Market. Overall it was a fun weekend vacation for our family, but a few isses with the lodging kept it from being exceptional. Thanks!

Thank you for your review. Guest comments allow Park City Lodging the opportunity to improve on our service to our guests and we appreciate learning how we can make your future stays even better. We are pleased to report that our property maps have been improved and updated so that guests can easily find their way to their accommodations. We have also added a guest guide to our rooms and included information on how the electronics work in each property. Our Housekeeping Department is now under the direction of a new manager and services in the condominiums we manage have improved under her supervision. Plus, the pool, which is open both summer and winter months, is heated to an optimal temperature for the everyone's enjoyment. With these changes, we think you will find the property to be operating well and invite you to come back and enjoy Park Station in the near future. Sincerely, Management

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great location



Condo had a great location with good amenities. Definitely would recommend.

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laid-back vacation close to home



My husband and I with our 18 year old daughter and 16 year old son stayed at the Park Station condos for a week.The condo we rented was very convienient to Park City downtown, restaurants, the alpine slide,coaster etc. and the skate park which our 16 year old son loved. The condo was very comfortable and we enjoyed breakfasts on the balcony. The bathroom sinks were a little hard to use. Just far away from the edge of the counter. Check-in was our only real problem. We came late and although our packet was in the lock box with the necessary info., our keys to the condo were not included. We had to call several places in order to reach someone who could get us in and then it took a half hour for him to arrive. He was very apologetic and cordial. He obviously was not the problem. The rest of our stay was peaceful and just what our family needed.

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az frank


condo was well furnished. mattresses were as good as a fine hotel. condo was noisy on balcony from road traffic; no problem with the doors and windows closed. condo was dark, very little outside light. price was competitive.

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2nd time staying here - can't beat it



Great Location, very spacious rooms. Great Staff

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excellent stay

Mike T


I have been staying at the Park Station every year for the past 5 or 6 years and have never been disappointed. The condo we had this year (111) was recently upgraded and it felt like we were at home. Also, it's only about a 100 yard walk to the Town Lift and the beginning of Main Street where there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and galleries. I would not hesitate to stay here again.

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We totally emjoyed our stay. Next to town and a great time.

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super impressed



This location was far better than I imagined from the pictures. I was really impressed with the size of the home. I had never been to Park City before, and was so glad to not only find a great place to stay...but at such a great price, too. If/when we come back we'll surely consider this place as a rental again. The only concern we had was that we were often unable to catch anyone at the front desk if we had a question. Other than that, though, our time there was fantastic.

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