Park City Lodging Staff

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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your vacation feel like home.

Our Team

4318204 Rhondasiderisheadshot

Rhonda Sideris

President and Founder

3538143 Heleenasiderisheadshot

Heleena Sideris

General Manager

3842 Trudy Stump Head Shot

Trudy Stump

Reservations Manager

3844 Connie Williams Head Shot

Connie Williams

Owner Relations Manager

3538149 Melissareddellmarketingdirector

Melissa Reddell

Marketing Director

3841 Fatima Taylor Head Shot

Fatima Taylor

Housekeeping Director

3838 Tammy Polychronis Head Shot

Tammy Polychronis

Owner Services

3538151 Fredlacassehoamanager

Fred LaCasse

Snow Flower Project Manager

4419118 Leo Anderson Maintenance Director Of Park City Lodging

Leo Anderson

Maintenance Manager

3538154 Jeannelehanheadshot

Jeanne Lehan

Snow Flower General Manager

3538152 Erinwhitneysnowflowerownerrelations

Erin Whitney

Snow Flower Owner Relations

5765026 Garett Easton Headshot Cropped

Garett Easton

HOA Project Manager

5765228 Amos Andrews Headshot Cropped 1560x1560

Amos Andrews

HOA Accounting Manager