Park City Lodging Staff

Learn about our Team and Culture

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your vacation feel like home.

Our Team

4318204 Rhondasiderisheadshot S

Rhonda Sideris

President and Founder

3538143 Heleenasiderisheadshot S

Heleena Sideris

General Manager

3842 Trudy Stump Head Shot S

Trudy Stump

Reservations Manager

3844 Connie Williams Head Shot S

Connie Williams

Owner Relations Manager

3538149 Melissareddellmarketingdirector S

Melissa Reddell

Marketing Director

3841 Fatima Taylor Head Shot S

Fatima Taylor

Housekeeping Director

3838 Tammy Polychronis Head Shot S

Tammy Polychronis

Owner Services

3538155 Rich Mccarty Hoa Accounting Manager S

Rich McCarty

HOA Accounting Manager

3805860 Adampaynehoamanageratparkcitylodgingpremiervacationrentalprovider S

Adam Payne

HOA Manager

3538151 Fredlacassehoamanager S

Fred LaCasse

HOA Manager

4419118 Leo Anderson Maintenance Director Of Park City Lodging S

Leo Anderson

Maintenance Manager

3538154 Jeannelehanheadshot S

Jeanne Lehan

Snow Flower General Manager

3538150 Dougwhitneymaintenanceprojectmanageratsnowflowercondominiums S

Doug Whitney

Maintenance Project Manager at Snow Flower

3538152 Erinwhitneysnowflowerownerrelations S

Erin Whitney

Snow Flower Owner Relations