Headshot of Fred Lacasse smiling kindly in front of a beautiful evergreen tree

Fred LaCasse

HOA Manager

Fred grew up in Riverside, CA. His father was a union carpenter and welder. As a child, Fred would visit small construction sites with his father. He loved watching how buildings were constructed. Early in life, he would take things apart to see how they were made.  As he grew, his interest in how things were constructed did too. After learning how to fix bikes and motorcycles, Fred continued developing his mechanical aptitude and went to Idaho State University to study Physics, Engineering, and technical writing. During a ski trip to Utah in 1983, Fred fell in love with Park City and moved to town in 1985 and started working in property management. When there was not enough snow around to ski, Fred fought forest fires, built hiking trails, and worked with general contractors to help build homes in the Park City area. He found his niche working in resort property management as a maintenance manager. 

Fred takes pride in maintaining buildings. He is adept in project planning and works very hard at solving building issues that contractors struggle with. He also has a customer service philosophy that “first impressions are important” and ensures properties are clean and have a nice presentation. 

Fred and his partner raised a family in the Salt Lake City area. Fred and his family have been able to ski every Sunday in winter, go camping regularly, kayak on the local lakes in summer, and enjoy all of the mountain bike trails in the area. He really enjoys working in Park City and the recreational opportunities in Utah. 

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