6 Must-Do Park City Water Activities this Summer

Park City isn’t just a world-class winter destination. Our high-elevation town is also home to some of the best summer water sport activities out there. With summer officially starting, now is the time to plan your getaway, enjoy the sun, and splash around! So, if you’re looking for luxury lodging with poolside amenities, recommendations on the best Park City water activities, and more, our knowledgeable concierge team shares everything you need to know below.

Park City Summer Activities on the Water

From glassy mountain lakes, rivers rushing through canyons, and serene reservoirs, you’re sure to find some summer fun suited to your ideal water-centric vacation. With so many unique outdoor possibilities, narrowing down the must-dos can be tricky. However, we’ve compiled our six best things to do in Park City in the summer—water edition.

1. Fly Fish for Exceptional Trout

During the warmer months, Park City boasts some remarkable fly fishing spots. If you are looking for a delightful day out on the water to reel in some big catches, there are plenty of nearby rivers and streams to visit. The Lower Provo River is packed with brown trout. Weber River offers a diverse pool of whitefish and trout, including native cutthroat. If you are new to the joys of fly fishing, Rocky Mountain Outfitters’ expert guides will show you some of the best fishing areas around Park City. 

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Man fly fishing for trout in Park City, Utah.

2. Raft the Weber River

Weber River is a mecca for water sport enthusiasts in the summer. By far, one of the most popular and thrilling activities on this gorgeous body of water is rafting! With Class I and Class II rapids, you’ll get a dose of adventure while avoiding more intense rugged waves. Weber has plenty of calm waters, so you’ll get to float along and soak up the sun and stunning scenery. It’s the perfect way to spend a family outing!

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Group of people rafting Weber River in Park City, Utah.

3. Kayak Pristine Waters

Kayaking is another excellent way to explore our waterways at your own pace. For more experienced kayakers, you can cruise through some of Weber’s mild rapids. All Season’s Adventures books full-day and half-day excursions. Rockport Reservoir is a chill spot with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, perfect for a leisurely kayak voyage.

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Woman kayaking pristine waters in Park City, Utah.

4. Hike to Unforgettable Water Features

Hiking trails abound in Park City, so why not plan a day trip walking through some of our majestic landscapes with lakeside views and babbling brooks? Revel in a bucolic drive to the mouth of Provo Canyon, and hike to the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls. For a guided tour promising plenty of lake-scapes and wildlife scenes, Jans’ hiking tours take you through the breathtaking Uinta Mountains. 

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Three women hiking on sunny, green mountain in Park City, Utah.

5. Kiteboard Windy Waterways

Kiteboarding is a must-try for anyone wanting to speed across the water using wind as propulsion. A combo of wakeboarding and parasailing, kiteboarding involves standing on a board attached to a large, front-facing kite. As the wind blows through your sails, you glide across the water. Deer Creek Reservoir is the prime spot for this energetic sport. Working with a licensed teacher is highly recommended if it’s your first time. 

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Teenage boy kiteboarding in Park City, Utah.

6. Do Absolutely Nothing

Sometimes the best summertime activity is spreading out on a sandy beach, with a good book and a snack, and taking in unparalleled lake and river scenery. If your idea of a perfect activity is relaxing, there are plenty of bodies of water to enjoy from your beach towel. Jordanelle Reservoir has plenty of beaches to sit and relish in the mountain sun. Plus, it’s a great place to paddleboard, waterski, and more if you feel like getting in the water.

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Snow Flower 24 pool in Park City, Utah on sunny day, perfect for lounging.

Best Places to Stay in Park City for Maximum Time in the Water

Extend your summer splash time with premier properties containing amazing pools and convenient proximity to invigorating water sports! For vacation rentals promising pool amenities and other summertime fun, let our concierge team help. Our hospitality experts can recommend the perfect property for your needs. Contact us today to book your ideal escape. 

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Guide to Summer Water Activities in Park City

Published on Thursday, May 27, 2021