Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day, and Every Day

Partner Spotlight – Locals Going Green

for St. Patrick’s Day, and Every Day

At Park City Lodging we are deeply committed to sustainability practices and all things green, and we’ve received numerous awards and recognition for our ongoing efforts. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we turn the spotlight on some of our valued partners who share our determination to heal and protect our environment.

Align Spa provides services and products that give you the confidence that what you’re experiencing is good for both your own health, and the planet’s. The spa uses reusable containers for products and biodegradable cups for clients, and they recycle all of their glass, paper and aluminum. They make sure all the product lines they carry are all organic and use recyclable and biodegradable packaging, including their shipping.

Deer Valley Resort has a strong commitment to the environment and sustainable practices. They support Recycle Utah with an annual bin sponsorship and place receptacles for recyclable items all over the mountain and in their ski lodges. Green efforts at Deer Valley® are ongoing behind the scenes as well. Their food and beverage team are working hard to divert as much waste as possible from landfills. This effort includes recycling and composting in all of their restaurants and ending the distribution of plastic lids and straws. Their mountain operations team is continuously investing in low-energy snow-guns and LED lighting upgrades around the resort. A portion of the resort’s energy use comes from renewable sources and they are continuing to expand their investment in wind and solar energy. They are committed to instilling a culture of environmental sustainability to help ensure Deer Valley Resort stays green for future generations while maintaining its commitment to guest service.

They are as green as green can be at the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter!  All are enthusiastically invited to tour their LEED Platinum Building that sits on a 1,200 acre Preserve. Here are some of the GREEN features you will find:

AIR  The EcoCenter contains no formaldehyde or refrigerants and avoids harmful fumes and chemicals to create unparalleled indoor air quality.  At Swaner EcoCenter, even the building breathes.

ENERGY  Smart lighting and highly efficient cooling, insulation and glass reduce our energy needs by 54 percent.  Solar collection panels on the roof capture the sun’s energy to heat water, provide radiant heat, melt snow and generate electricity on site.

GREEN  More than 75 percent of the building materials are reclaimed, recycled or rapidly renewable resources.

WATER Low flow and waterless plumbing fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping and a year-round rooftop water collection and storage system contribute to a 90% water savings.

Check out the Green Building Brochure and for more information about their events, projects and exhibits go to Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter.

Since Vail Resorts launched its Commitment to Zero campaign last summer it has made significant strides in its ambitious goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2030.  Here at Park City Mountain they call out three great examples:

  • Food Waste – They delivered seven tons last week to Wasatch Resource Recovery for processing in its Anaerobic Digester.  They were only the second customer to deliver to this new facility.
  • Smart Straw Initiative – Straws will only be available upon request and these straws will all be compostable.
  • Grooming fleet –  Monitoring systems have been installed on their snow cats to ensure idle time is limited and grooming routes are being done efficiently.

The Paint Mixer Park City has a fun green event planned for St. Patrick’s Day! They will be hosting a paint and sip party in the Park City studio featuring local beer and wine as well as a fully instructed painting session of the Irish Countryside. As always, they will be using environmentally friendly paint and recycling/reusing all of their leftover or unwanted canvases for use at their next recycled canvas event. The event is called Paint Patrick’s Day and all registrations can be processed online. For more information and a full lineup of events go to The Paint Mixer

A local, family owned and operated New York Style Pizzeria Este Pizza Park City takes pride in serving delicious New York style pizza in a casual, friendly dining atmosphere. “We put love into everything we serve,” is their motto, and that love extends to their commitment to sustainability and the environment. Some of their practices:

  • Meatless options – check out their Meatless Monday Meals
  • Recycling everything they can – aluminum, glass, tin, office paper, cardboard, plastic
  • 98% LED lighting
  • Composting ALL food waste, and straws
  • Water conservation – they don’t bring water to your table unless you ask for it, and any water leftover is used to water plants and landscaping
  • Subscriber solar member, and programmable thermostats

Check out their menu and weekly specials at Este Pizza Park City

JANS and White Pine Touring have firmly established positions as leaders and experts in Park City’s most popular sports – alpine and Nordic skiing, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, mountain and road biking, fly fishing, hiking and rock climbing. Jan Peterson’s father founded the first ski shop in Utah, and JANS continues as a leader in working towards a better planet with a number of initiatives.

  • JANS Park Ave and White Pine Touring participate in the Rocky Mountain Power Blue Sky Program;
  • They donate 1% of all tours and rentals at JANS Park Ave and White Pine Touring to Summit Land Conservancy 1% for Open Space;
  • JANS is an active supporter of Trout Unlimited
  • In Store Recycle Program
  • In accordance with the LED Rocky Mountain Power Conversion Program JANS Park Ave and White Pine Touring are currently 99% LED, working towards 100% at all locations.
  • They off their staff a credit to their in-house account for taking alternative transportation to work.
  • They re-use vendor packing materials when packaging and shipping product from our warehouse for orders and warranty items.

For expert advice, to rent skis or bikes or book a tour or fly fishing adventure go to JANS


Jen Rattray has been with Fairweather Natural Foods since 1992, and now as the owner she’s fostered a culture that enthusiastically shares her expertise and passion for holistic nutrition. They not only care for their customers, they passionately care for the planet. In the café they use reusable dishware and diligently as if you’re eating in or enjoying your meal on the go, and they offer an incentive to BRING YOUR OWN VESSEL for a discount. They’ve been recycling all packaging for many years, and now they’re offering compostable straws. Fairweather Natural Foods

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Published on Thursday, March 14, 2019