7 Presidential Things to do in Park City this Presidents Day Weekend

7 Presidential Things to do in Park City this Presidents Day Weekend

Remember and honor our country’s leaders, and have fun doing it with these seven ideas

This Presidents Day in Park City you can have M.A.G.A in your life – More Alpine Games and Activities. Remember and honor our country’s leaders, and have fun doing it with these seven ideas:

U.S. Biathlon


President Dwight David Eisenhower – “Ike” – served as the 34th president from 1953 to 1961. He was a five-star general and enjoyed skeet shooting, so much so that he installed a skeet shooting range at Camp David to practice his marksmanship. While we don’t know if he ever tried the sport of biathlon himself, we’re pretty certain he would enjoy the 2019 BMW Biathlon World Cup at Soldier Hollow Nordic Center, and so would you. Held February 14 – 17, this exciting international event features over 180 athletes from 28 nations. Arguably the most popular winter sport in Europe, biathlon combines cross country skiing and shooting skills. Spectator crowds are typically animated, sometimes costumed, sometimes raucous. Soldier Hollow, the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Nordic venue, is rising to the occasion, hosting the Legacy Winter Fest – Free admission (and hot chocolate!) to enjoy activities such as tubing, live ice sculpting, a mechanical bull and a petting zoo, food trucks, beer garden, vendor and sponsor village and live music. Come on out and party like Ike!


Gerald R. Ford is the only person to have served as both vice president and president without being elected to either office. Known for his athleticism, having been a standout center, linebacker and long snapper for the University of Michigan, he was also an avid skier, spending a lot of time with his family in Vail, Colorado. We know he really would have appreciated the Ski Utah Interconnect Tour. Designed for expert to advanced skiers, the tour “is not designed for the timid”. Two professional guides go with every tour and groups are limited to 12 or fewer people, so you can be confident and safe as you experience Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, Solitude, Brighton, Alta, Snowbird and the backcountry terrain between these resorts. This tour covers an average of 25 miles, requires good physical condition and the ability to ski variable conditions.

Deer Valley Seafood Buffet

Grub Steak


Squatters Roadhouse Grill – Cristie H.

High West Distillery – Susan Y.


Presidents have to eat, and everyone has their favorite foods. Park City offers a wide variety of options where you can “eat like a president”. While we can’t point you in the direction of restaurants serving Martin Van Buren’s favorite boar’s head, or James Garfield’s beloved squirrel soup, William McKinley just might be able to find his special hot lobster salad at Deer Valley’s Seafood Buffet. William Howard Taft reportedly favored steak, and more steak – he’d be a happy camper at Grub Steak. Bill Clinton and Harry Truman could split and share variations of their fave chicken enchiladas and fried chicken at Chimayo. George W. Bush also had a fondness for Mexican food, specifically huevos rancheros – if that sounds good to you, too, head on over to Squatters. Known for “carousing”, our seventh president, Andrew Jackson a.k.a. Old Hickory, would enjoy the spirits and the food at High West Distillery. Somebody get that man a drink!

Park City Film Series – Leaning into the Wind


Some presidents are very artistic – drawing, writing poetry, painting. President Jimmy Carter, a painter, established the Carter Center at Emory University, which regularly hosts auctions to benefit the foundation advancing human rights. One of Mr. Carter’s paintings brought in $250,000. We’re certain he would enjoy the film Leaning into the Wind – Andy Goldsworthy showing at Park City Film Series. Creating community through film, Park City Film Series is “art house cinema”, screening thought-provoking and engaging films that you might not find at your local Cineplex. Leaning into the Wind profiles artist Andy Goldsworthy’s distinctive life and medium.


Theodore Roosevelt was well known for his appreciation for animals, and his vast collection of pets including lizards, ponies, dogs, rabbits, an owl and a one-legged rooster. Surely he’d be fascinated with the Nature’s Ninjas exhibit at Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter. The exhibit includes live animal shows with some of nature’s most misunderstood animals including geckos, porcupines and others known for their wild defensive adaptations. The exhibit runs from February 1 – April 28, 2019.


Speaking of animals, it’s a well-known fact that Ronald Reagan really loved horses and enjoyed spending time on his ranch in California. Those who knew him well disclosed that he always rode English until he (or his campaign manager…) decided that his image needed to be more “rugged cowboy”, so he switched to western. Regardless, his famous quote, “I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse” leads us to believe he’d really love Park City Horse Experience. Park City Horse Experience guides you through partnering with a horse to explore self-awareness and gain new perspectives on life.


Presidents don’t really shop, since they have other people to do their shopping for them. Did you know the White House operates like a luxury hotel in this regard? They get the bills sent to them at the end of each month for their food and incidental expenses, like clothing. But if they did shop like the rest of us, chances are they’d really love Tanger Outlets at Park City. While winter isn’t nearly over, the shops at Tanger Outlets will be clearing the racks for spring and summer merchandise, so you can take advantage of fantastic sales.

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Published on Wednesday, February 13, 2019