Dog Sledding Park City

White pillows of freshly fallen snow, puffs of warm breath and joyful sounds of barking cut through the crisp mountain air. Today you are participating in a once in a lifetime experience, dog sledding with All Seasons Adventures.

As you approach the dog sled team you are greeted by Racer, an exceptional musher with a knack for his craft. The dogs gaze on in anticipation for another day of work. But unlike you and me, these svelte creatures LOVE what they do for a living. Our sled dogs live to sled and Racer treats these dogs like family.

After your family is introduced to the dogs you load in the sled. Imagine you are the cargo.  In the Iditarod race the cargo is stored where you are sitting. A 350 pound weight limit ensures the musher and dogs aren’t over worked. Wearing your ski clothes, warm hat, gloves, winter boots and ski goggles or sunglasses will keep you comfortable.  As anticipation grows, the dog’s energy escalates, eager to run!

Two by two the musher hooks up his team. Each dog has their own unique personality. A highlight of the trip is learning about each dog’s traits, guests always doting upon their favorite. Like a family, there sometimes are squabbles as they work out there differences.  Once the team is harnessed the volume increases, the dogs know it’s time to run.

Your musher releases the snow hook and lets off the foot brake, in an instant the barking subsides. You are now feeling the full power of eight healthy huskies pulling with all their might. Gliding along in peace and tranquility; a bit of snow flies up! The dogs are really working and it’s common to get a little kick back of snow.

Completing the ride that took you through meadows, ancient stands of hardy Gamble Oak and aspens, through mountains with views of the towering ski runs at Deer Valley your musher steers the sled back to the start. The team is noticeably calmer, a serene look on each dogs face. Bowls of water and food are welcomed and the treats are met by happy dogs.

Dog sledding is a memorable experience for couples and families. Our dog sledding terrain is located 10 minutes from Historic Main Street, across from the base of Deer Valley’s Gondola. This experience books up well in advance so please call to make reservations.

If you would like to book a dog sledding adventure please contact our conceirge: (866)-966-5713 or email [email protected]

You can also book directly by visiting: All Seasons Adventures or calling (435)-649-9619

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Published on Tuesday, December 18, 2018