Celebrating Park City’s Heritage – Miners’ Day

Celebrating Park City‘s Heritage – Miners’ Day

Before Park City was a premier ski town with a thriving economy and a bustling downtown; Park City was merely a mining boom town, complete with 27 bars and a red light district. The houses were little more than shacks lining Daly Canyon at the top of modern day Main Street. Many miners began their days before the sun rose and ended them long after the sun had set. It was a close-knit community consisting of the strong willed and tough. At the height of Park City’s mining days, it was said that Park City was the greatest silver camp in the world.

Alas, all booms eventually bust and the end of an era came with the closure of the Ontario Silver Mine. It’s easy to imagine the difficult transition in Park City during this time, with many fighting tooth and nail to hold on to what they knew. With the fall of the mining boom, town was quickly transitioning to a ghost town. Change was needed and the arrival of the first ski lift in 1946 began the journey that Park City finds itself on today.

With such a rich history beneath present day Park City, Miners’ Day has become an important nod to our mining heritage. Each year on Labor Day, the Miners Day celebrations sweep Park City, offering fun for all ages (especially if you know nothing about mining!). The signature event of the day, the Mucking & Drilling Competition, is sure to be one of the most unique experiences in any ski town. People gather from all around the mountain west to compete in events that simulate the demands of silver mines.

Start the day with a pancake breakfast in the park and the Miners’ Day 5K, a fundraiser for local non-profits, funky costumes encouraged! Prior to the parade on Main Street at 11:00 a.m. the infamous Running of the Balls event takes place. Vying participants purchase tennis balls and release them on Main Street in a mad race to the bottom where winners win valuable prizes such as ski passes. Finish the day with live music in the park, Bar-B-Que lunch, and a skateboard bowl jam.

We invite everyone to come out, celebrate and enjoy Park City’s vibrant history on September 4th all over the downtown Park City area. For a complete list of events and times please visit the Miners’ Day website. Official site: https://parkcityminersday.org/

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Published on Friday, August 25, 2017