Labor Day in Park City

Each Labor Day Park City celebrates its mining heritage with a full day of celebration and activities on Historic Main Street & at City Park. Sponsored by the Park City Rotary Club, guests are encouraged to participate in the Funky 5K Fun Run, pancake breakfast, parade, live music, softball, mucking and drilling competitions, and the ever popular “Running of the Balls”.

Running of the Balls- If you thought Spain’s “Running of the Bulls” was intense wait until you see Park City’s “Running of the Balls.” This annual event on Main Street inspires participants to adopt a ball for $5 or 5 balls for $20 as part of a fundraiser for the Park City Rotary Club charity projects. Hundreds of balls are released in a narrow shoot that runs the length of Main Street. Crowds swarm the track cheering on their ball hoping to have the first ball to cross the finish line. Participants compete for great prizes donated by local businesses and the Rotary Club.

Mucking and Drilling Competition- In honor of Park City’s mining days the mucking and drilling competition is a must see event during Labor Day. Participants simulate the demanding work done in Park City’s silver mines. Watch competitors from around the Mountain West drill, blast, and load ore carts as they compete head to head to be titled Park City’s Fastest Mucker & Driller. It’s like the World’s Strongest Man competition with heavy machinery.

Funky 5K Fun Run- Participants are encouraged to ”Dress to Impress” in costume as they circle City Park, Park Avenue and Main Street. Don’t be surprised to see runners dressed as penguins, super heroes, and cowboys. This is an open fun run that encourages guests and locals to get ready for a fun day of events. The run finishes in City Park for the start of a pancake breakfast.

Deer Valley Mountain Biking- Labor Day marks the end of weekday summer operations at Deer Valley Resort. Make sure to bring your bike for the last summer turns down popular trails like GS Trees, Fire Swamp, Aspen Slalom, and Deer Valley Resort’s newest flow trail “The Wave.”

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Published on Friday, August 21, 2015