Hot Tub 101

Property Highlight – Hot Tub 101

Whether it’s in your home or a vacation rental, a soak in a hot tub can soothe the soul as well as tired muscles. And if you’re on a ski vacation, it follows that having a warm, clean, bubbling tub would be an important part of the plan. But keeping hot tubs in working order is no small task, especially in winter.

Park City Lodging’s Director of Maintenance Wade Street explained, “We service every hot tub, every day during the winter. We shovel the decks and areas surrounding the tubs to make sure people have easy and safe access to the tub. We clean off the covers and panels so they’re neat, look good and don’t transfer dirt into the water when they’re opened. We test and balance out the water so it is safe to use, comfortably warm and the water is free of dirt and debris. We also check the operation of the tub to make sure all the jets and lights work.”

So thanks to our team’s expertise, you can be confident that hot tubs in Park City Lodging’s care are ready when you need to slip into warm water and let tensions slip away.

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Published on Sunday, November 17, 2019