Utah Companies Leading Environmental Sustainability

Updated August 2023

Utah takes its natural wonders and environmental health to heart. That’s why Utah Business Magazine honors business leaders dedicated to ecological sustainability each year. Their prestigious Green Business Award recognizes essential sustainability categories such as green building, social impact, energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling. 

As a former award recipient, and leader in sustainable vacation rentals, Park City Lodging would love to showcase several companies that go above and beyond to support environmental sustainability in Park City and throughout Utah. 

Key Players in Social & Environmental Business Practices

From current Green Award winners to Park City companies with a long history of working for change, we proudly present these sustainability-focused businesses.

Park City Community-Focused Initiatives 

Eat Awesome Things (EATS) Park City

EATS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering and fostering healthy communities. Through gardening classes and healthy eating tutorials, EATS teaches community members about food cycles and how to eliminate unnecessary food waste. Their initiative focuses on composting organics, adopting a more plant-based lifestyle, and consuming locally-grown produce. 

EATS has helped divert thousands of tons of food waste and has contributed thousands of backpack meals for children facing food insecurity.

A photo collage of a young girl holding locally grown Swiss chard and a second image showing JANS snowboard selection.

JANS Mountain Outfitters

Winner of the 2020 Community Blue Sky Legacy award, JANS is still proving to be an integral part of making Park City better every day. Each year the JANS Winter Welcome, established in 1980, raises over $400,000 to support the Youth Sports Alliance.  JANS also donates to myriad local non-profits, including Summit Land Conservancy, Habitat for Humanity, Mountain Trails Foundation, and Soles 4 Souls.

Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction in Utah


Skullcandy is dedicated to reducing waste throughout the company. All of their packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials, and they will take used earbuds and upcycle them to keep them out of landfills. These efforts have kept hundreds of tons of waste out of landfills, and as if that’s not enough, Skullcandy has committed to saving 1 million pounds of electronic waste from landfills by 2025.

Car dealership and products made from recycled materials.


This national auto dealer has two locations in Utah, so their impact is equally local and national. AutoSavvy’s Drive Carbon Neutral program plants 75 trees for every title vehicle sold. That helps offset carbon emissions for five years. The dealership also reconditions cars intended for auctions, saving thousands of gallons of water needed to make a new car. 

Companies Committing to Green Building 

Zions Bancorporation

Opening in July of 2022, Zions Bancorporation Technology Center installed 180 electric vehicle parking spaces and 2,000 solar panels. This LEED Platinum-certified building will save 4.9 million pounds of carbon dioxide yearly and boasts plenty of green spaces and a community garden on its corporate campus. 

Organic garden in Park City and park City Lodging's rooftop solar panels.

Novva Data Centers

Utah’s largest colocation data center, Novva’s flagship building, is constructed to operate without water year-round. That’s quite an achievement! They also turn to solar panels for energy and use ambient air tech for indoor air cooling. It’s no wonder they earned a LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building Council. 

What is the Sustainability Plan for Park City, Utah? 

Park City businesses are committed to growing sustainability efforts. Our town aims for all city operations to be net-zero carbon and run on renewable energy

Park City Lodging is Dedicated to Sustainability & Community Support

At Park City Lodging, we are also committed to sustainable practices to bolster our community and strive for environmental preservation. We have close partnerships with local non-profits such as Summit Land Conservancy, Mountain Trails Foundation, and Recycle Utah. We also imbue our concern for the environment into each and every rental. 

Park City Lodging's in-house laundry operation uses an advanced Ozonator system to decrease energy consumption. You’ll also find bulk toiletries to combat single-use plastic, and our offices are outfitted with 52 solar panels and an organic rooftop garden.

A graphic of a globe with trees and sustainability efforts like solar panels and wind turbines with Download our Infographic to learn more about our sustainability efforts on it.

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Published on Wednesday, November 14, 2018