Park City Lodging Wins Shortyz Award For Sustainability In International Short Term Rental Sector!

Park City Lodging is Winner of Shortyz Award

On this earth day, Park City Lodging proudly announced they were awarded The Shortyz award for sustainability in the international short term rental sector. Park City Lodging has been in business since 1984, when Park City, UT was just getting on the map as a global ski destination. The driving factor of tourism in Park City was not just the ski resort areas, but the pristine natural environment that surrounded and comprised the town.


In three decades of business, we have seen extraordinary growth and development in Park City, encumbering on the very natural environment that drives visitation in the first place. We could clearly see that if the threat of overdevelopment were not addressed, we were at risk of jeopardizing a major driving factor of visitation and causing irrevocable harm to the ecosystem.  Thus, Park City Lodging formed a partnership with the local land trust, the Summit Land Conservancy, to raise funds from guest stays to directly purchase and permanently protect open spaces within and around Park City.


This was one piece of the puzzle. The other piece was to consider environmental impact in all aspects of operations to mitigate the effects of climate change through waste reduction, energy & water efficiency, and building an environmentally based work culture to further imbed sustainability as a core value, not only to our business, but to our owners and guests alike. 


From transitioning away from single use amenities to carpooling and recycling initiatives, sustainability was incorporated into every aspect of the business model possible. For example, Park City Lodging implemented paperless registration with the use of Docusign and since inception saved 1,163 lbs. of wood, 3,426 gallons of water, 2,731 lbs. of carbon and 189 lbs. of solid waste. Additionally, every property is now equipped with an electronic lock, eliminating an extra stop for guests and reducing waste of making/remaking lost keys.


The most considerable step towards sustainable practices culminated in 2016 with the building of Park City Lodging’s new headquarters. Built with green building practices, the new headquarters includes 4 apartments with discounted rent for employees, a green rooftop with raised organic garden beds, 52 solar panels (including an innovative solar canopy design to optimize spatial use), sustainable construction material use, enhanced high efficiency HVAC, a rain catchment system, xeriscaping, and moving commercial laundry onsite with an innovative ozonator to decrease hot water and chemical use.


When Park City Lodging started in 1984, there was one single property under management. Today, Park City Lodging is proud to manage nearly 250 properties throughout Park City, Utah. Additionally, Park City Lodging has grown the HOA side of the business and currently manages 13 HOAs in Park City.


Within the past year Park City Lodging has acquired the HOA and nightly management contract for a luxury ski-in/ski-out complex at the base of Park City Mountain. When asked why Park City Lodging was awarded the contract one of the board members disclosed that it was an extremely close call, but due to our involvement in the community and commitment to a triple bottom line, the association chose Park City Lodging for this contract.


Winner of Best of State for 2019, 2020, AND 2021 and Housekeeper of the Year!