World Water Day is an annual and global event that happens every year on March 22nd.  This is a day dedicated to focusing on overcoming the effects of our earth’s water crisis. Billions of people living on this planet today lack access to a safely managed drinking supply. In many cases, people are forced to spend countless hours trekking to distant sources and even still are regularly having to cope with the negative health impacts of consuming contaminated water. The earth’s global water demand, combined with diminishing water quality and availability, and the increasingly detrimental effects on our environment only heightens the need for greater awareness of this global issue.  The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “Nature for Water” and the campaign is called “the answer is in nature” with a focus on exploring nature-based solutions to this rising, global crisis.

World Water Day is a great time to think about all of the small but impactful steps that we as a world, a community, and as individuals can take to live more harmoniously with the natural world. In a ski town where the economy is majorly reliant upon the water cycle and maintaining a healthy supply, it’s the responsibility of the members of our community to invariably endeavor to find opportunities for enhancing conservation efforts.

In January 2017, Park City Lodging was honored to receive the coveted “Green Business of the Year Award”  and we are proud of our innovative water saving initiatives. Our main office is home to an organic rooftop garden; a large portion being dedicated to native plants which are naturally drought resistant, require less water and provide a sanctuary and food for bees and butterflies.  Looking forward, we are excited to install a rainwater harvesting system this summer to help sustain the water needs of our rooftop garden and we are exploring the potential bio-remediation effects of mushroom species on contaminated soils.

It is our intent to leave the smallest footprint possible, helping to lessen the burden on our changing world. From innovative approaches with water conservation, installing solar panels and planting a rooftop garden on the roof of our office building to giving away reusable grocery bags, we aim to do what is right for the generations to come.

“We strive to progress our earth stewardship toward more actionable and educational areas of sustainability by continually exploring methods that raise the bar and have the potential to inspire other business’ to follow suite.” -Rhonda Sideris