New Peace House Community Campus

Peace House’s New Community Campus

Large new facility will open in June

It’s incredibly sobering to know that one in three Utah women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Park City’s Peace House started as solely an emergency shelter and has grown and evolved into both a shelter and an important resource for education, prevention and a continuum of care for those affected by domestic violence. Park City Lodging’s homeowners have generously donated to Peace House through our annual Gift of Giving program, and we’re very pleased to congratulate Peace House on their new Community Campus.

Scheduled to be completed and ready for occupancy in June, 2019, the Peace House Community Campus is a secure facility equipped to provide an array of services and resources to help meet the needs of domestic violence survivors. The present facility, a house in an undisclosed location, is state-licensed with trained staff on site, year-round, 24 hours a day. While it primarily serves Summit and Wasatch Counties, it works closely with agencies around the state and country to help in situations when they don’t have space in their shelters, or there’s a compelling need to shelter a victim outside of their service areas. The facility has a relatively small number of rooms, and shelter residents must share restrooms, the kitchen, a small living room and a fenced yard. The living room doubles as a counseling and therapy room, and the office has a sofa that also offers accommodations for overnight staff. Administrative offices are off site, in the Prospector neighborhood.

The Community Campus, located in Quinn’s Junction, near People’s Health Clinic and the US Ski Team Center of Excellence, addresses the obvious need for more space, and goes beyond. Its carefully designed layout includes a reception area, meeting and waiting rooms, a community and teaching kitchen, private pods for therapy and case management, a secure parking area and a large, secure courtyard. Eight emergency shelter units have private baths and flexible bedding to comfortably accommodate families. There’s a large and homey common area and kitchen, and there’s a comfortable office and break room suite for staff.

One of the most important features of the new campus are the twelve transitional housing suites. Anyone living in Park City for any length of time knows that affordable housing can be very hard to come by for many, and especially so for those putting together new lives in the wake of domestic violence. The transitional housing suites give residents an extended period of time to stabilize and make plans for themselves and their families. On-site day care is another key component at the new campus.

Peace House is supported by grants and donations and has several fundraising events each year. To find out more and to get involved go to Peace House.

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Published on Wednesday, April 24, 2019