Green Business of the Year

Park City Lodging, Inc., premier provider of vacation rental and home management services, is proud to announce that Park City Lodging received Recycle Utah’s Green Business of the Year.

Park City Lodging, Inc. is a champion of social responsibility and sustainability within the Park City community since its debut in 1984. In 2015 when Recycle Utah invited Park City Lodging to be an inaugural business in their newly developed Green Business program, the invitation was enthusiastically accepted. Since joining the program, Park City Lodging has furthered its commitment to the environment with various initiatives, including installing chemical automation systems in hot tubs to conserve water; giving each guest a reusable grocery bag; and initiating a bulk amenity program to eradicate single use packaging. Looking toward the future, Park City Lodging is excited to explore the potential bio-remediation effects of mushroom species on contaminated soils.

Rhonda Sideris, President and Owner, truly believes in bettering the community and the environment we live, work and play. In 2016 she realized a dream long in the making, constructing a green building to house all of Park City Lodging’s operations. Included in the new building are 52 solar panels, a green organic rooftop that supports native plant species, employee housing, and an innovative ozonating system within the laundry operation to save both water and energy. Rhonda also received the prestigious Conservationist of the Year award in 2016 as well as Park City Board of Realtors Affiliate of the Year for her efforts in sustainability.


About Recycle Utah

The Park City Conservation Association dba Recycle Utah is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that has served residents of Summit County since 1991. They are committed to reducing waste and preventing ground water pollution in our community. They do so by offering a variety of collection programs, education programs, workshops, and events. As long as the health of our local and global environment is a concern, they will strive to offer community-based resources and solutions.

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Published on Wednesday, January 17, 2018