Top Five Vacation Rental Host Tips

In today’s saturated vacation rental market, it can be hard to make your home stand out of the crowd. But where do you begin—how do you make sure guests feel as at home as you do? By including a few key amenities, you can optimize your property to bring in extra income. The key to a great vacation rental is making sure that your unit first stands out and then provides an unforgettable experience. Here are the top five vacation rental host tips and how Park City Lodging, Inc. can help you optimize your rental property in Park City.


1. Be a Clean Freak

This seems as though it’s self-explanatory. A clean home is the number one most important quality in vacation rentals. Decluttering your home is a great way to make sure your guests feel relaxed and at ease. Our housekeeping staff—on top off providing daily or weekly cleans—will take photos and discuss how you expect your property to be staged each time you or guests arrive in Park City.


2. Luxurious Bed Linens are a Must

There’s nothing worse that hitting the hay at night to discover your bed linens are scratchy and uncomfortable. Park City Lodging, Inc. provides high quality bed linens for no upfront or replacement cost to all homeowners in our rental pool.


3. Check-In Faster, Play Faster

The ultimate convenience in reserving a vacation rental is the ability to have a remote check-in. Guests flying in from Salt Lake City International Airport are able to arrive directly at their rental and immediately get on the slopes. Park City Lodging, Inc. recommends a remote lock to all of our homeowners for convenience and security reasons. That way you know who is coming in and out of your property at all times.


4. Caffeine is Key

Adding a subtle touch, such as coffee or tea, is a great way to let the guest know you’ve thought about them. Coffee is great for java feigns who wake up bright eyed and ready to explore their new town. Park City Lodging, Inc. is proud to partner with Park City Coffee Roasters to provide guests’ coffee and tea for free on their first morning.


5. Share What You Love With the Guest

You love your second home so much that you want to share it with the rest of the world. The best way to do this is by providing a few of your favorite aspects of your neighborhood with the guest. Whether its the quaint diner around the corner or the secret hiking trail just around the bend, you guest will appreciate any little secret you have to share with them. Our Guest Guide includes not only troubleshooting tips for guests, but information on Park City’s best dining, nightlife and activities. We love Park City as much as you do, and want to share that love with all of our guests!


If you’re interested in hearing more about how Park City Lodging, Inc. can make you money off of your property please contact our Owner Relations Manager Connie Williams. Her years of knowledge working in Park City ensures she has the best vacation rental host tips to maximize profit for all of our homeowners. She may be reached at [email protected] or (435) 487 0953.

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Published on Friday, September 9, 2016