Park City Museum Provides Visitors with History

While vacationing in Park City, learn more about the history of the area at the Park City Museum – one of the best local history museums in the country.

Park City Museum will take you back to the time of the original settlers and through the mining days, teaching you about how this magical place in the Wasatch Mountains turned in to the thriving town that it is today. As you plan your trip to Park City, make sure to include a stop at Park City Museum on your itinerary!

Settlers Make Their Way West to Park City
Park City Museum’s “From Around the World” exhibit explains how settlers from all over the East Coast, and even the world, made their way to Park City. The exhibit includes a Kimball Stagecoach, one of the main methods of transportation in those times, and also offers visitors the chance to climb aboard a recreated rail car.

Park City’s Boom as a Mining Town
The “Days of Ore” exhibit at Park City Museum gives visitors the chance to explore a scaled down version of the late 19th century Mega Mine. Learn about the dangerous mining profession, how ore becomes silver and even take a turn drilling into the rock face! Park City’s mining history continues to shape the town to this day.

Skiing Comes to Park City
Did you know that first method of transporting skiers to the top of Park City’s mountains was a subway? Climb into the original car that took skiers through the subsurface mining tunnels and watch a film explaining Park City’s transition from a mining town to a ski town.

Park City’s Dungeon
Most visitors strolling down Main Street have no idea that beneath them is a dungeon that served as Park City’s territorial jail. Visitors to Park City Museum can tour the jail and learn more about some of its most infamous residents.

How to Visit
Park City Museum is located in the heart of downtown at 528 Main Street and is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday from 12-6 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children and free for kids under six years old.

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Published on Saturday, December 27, 2014