Park City, Utah Hiking Offers Spectacular Views

Park City has plenty to offer for everyone and there is always something to do outdoors. If you’re looking for a great activity outdoors, head to one of the many great hiking trails. Park City, Utah hiking offers spectacular views which never get old and are always worth the trek! Make sure to pack some water, a jacket and most of all, a camera.

There is a wide range of trails throughout the Park City area that can offer majestic views of the area. There are over 150 miles of public trails for biking and hiking that cross through the world renowned ski resorts. If you’re a novice hiker or an experienced hiker, make time to check out the great trails and the amazing views that can only be found in Park City.

For an easy trail that provides great views, head to the Beaver Creek Trail and travel among a beaver-inhabited river over 4.5 miles of scenic landscape. It is ideal for families and picnics which can make for a great day.

The Rail Trail and Round Valley trails are perfectly suited for beginners and offer plenty of land to go on a hike or a long bike ride. Rail Trail is a 26-mile roundtrip while Round Valley is six miles long.

For a great view that you’ll never forget, head up Soapstone Basin which can be accessed in Kamas. This fast-paced trail is a loop that goes through fir and aspen trees and gives you a view of the Bluffs Overlook and the Duchesne River gorge which is 2,000 feet deep. Make sure to bring the water as the trail is 16.5 miles long!

If you’re looking for a more experienced climb, try the Mid-Mountain Trail which traverses 20 miles through deep canyons and tree groves.

Deer Valley Resort offers lift-served hiking and has many downhill options for hikers and bikers of various skill levels. From the Rail Trail, head to the Promontary Trail which has three legs to it and is great for all hikers.

The Glenwild Loop is a 12-mile loop that goes through the backcountry and provides great scenery for all.

When hiking, make sure to check the weather and conditions of the trail before you head out and inform someone of where you have gone. Some trails are pet friendly which means you can bring your dog, but some don’t so check ahead. Make sure to have enough food and water while loading up on sunscreen and lip balm. Conditions can change quickly in the mountains so be prepared for anything when you head out on a long hike. The hard work is always worth it in the end as there is no better feeling than seeing the great views during the hike.

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Published on Tuesday, April 7, 2015