2015 Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film FestivalThe Sundance Film Festival brings celebrities and movie buffs alike to Park City every year, and the 2015 edition, which will be held Jan. 22 – Feb. 1, is no different. One of the largest independent film festivals in the United States, Sundance Film Festival showcases up-and-coming dramatic and documentary films and in the past has been the launching point for popular movies like The Blair Witch Project, Little Miss Sunshine and Napoleon Dynamite.

If you’re coming to Park City for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, check out these tips to get the most out of your experience.

Sundance Film Festival Tickets

Most of the ticket packages for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival have already sold out, but don’t worry, there are still individual tickets left. Individual tickets will go on sale starting on Jan. 20 on the Sundance Film Festival website or at the main Park City box office at 136 Heber Ave. A limited number of tickets are also released on the day of each show for previously unavailable screenings and can be purchased in person at the Heber Ave. box office.

In the past, if you couldn’t get tickets in advance, you faced the prospect of spending hours in line at the theater trying to get in off the waitlist, but Sundance Film Festival has now introduced an electronic wait list to allow you to get a waitlist number from your phone or other Internet capable device. Register for the electronic waitlist about two hours before your screening, receive a waitlist number and then arrive at the theater 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. No more standing in the cold!

Make a Plan

The slate of films for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival will be released in mid-December. Check the festival website to see which films look interesting, and try to make a plan of the ones that you want to see each day.

There are nine different theaters used during the festival in Park City, all connected by a free shuttle service. There are also screenings in Salt Lake City, Odgen and at Sundance Resort if you want to make a day trip to try to avoid the crowds.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Beyond the great movies, fans and media come to Sundance Film Festival from all over the world for the people watching. It’s not uncommon to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars while walking down historic Main Street or taking in one of the films.

There are concerts and parties going on in Park City during the entire festival, especially the opening weekend, so hit the town at night and you could meet somebody famous!

Hit the Slopes

The crowds flocking to downtown for the Sundance Film Festival tend to draw people away from Park City’s three amazing ski resorts, making it one of the best times to take on the “Greatest Snow on Earth” without having to wait in lift lines. If you’re coming to town for Sundance, plan to spend at least a day at Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort or Canyons Resort. The fresh air of the Wasatch Mountains will provide a nice break from the festival hubbub down below.

As you plan your trip to Park City for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, use Park City Lodging to find the perfect spot for your festival headquarters. We have properties all over downtown Park City that will put you right in the middle of all the action, as well as options at all three of Park City’s ski resorts. Come and join us as our mountain paradise turns into Hollywood for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival!

Letter from the Director

Sundance Film Festival Feedback-

A SMALL ACT (US Documentary Competition)

Letter from Director/Screenwriter, Jennifer Arnold

It is every filmmaker’s dream to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, and my experience this year was so unexpected and so extraordinary that I wanted to say a direct thank you to everyone who made it possible.

My film, the documentary A Small Act, tells the story of Chris Mburu, a Kenyan man whose early education was sponsored by a woman from Sweden whom he had never met. By donating roughly $15 a month to an education fund, her small contribution paid off: Chris made it all the way to Harvard Law School and then started his own scholarship program, which now sponsors new generations of Kenyan students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to school.

I arrived at the Sundance Film Festival this January hoping people would like my film, but I never dreamt that audiences’ reactions would directly lead to changing lives. After Festival screenings, I kept hearing from people how the film empowered them to make a difference. Audience members started handing us unsolicited donations—from twenty dollar bills to thousand dollar checks. By the time the Festival was finished, $90,000 had been donated to an education fund, which means that more Kenyan children will go to school. It was amazing!

Without Sundance Institute, A Small Act would have never had such an impact. The Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program supported the film with a grant and the Festival screenings moved audiences into action. The experience showed me that Sundance is much more than an institution that promotes film; it is a platform for stories that can change the world.

Small acts, when taken collectively, have a huge impact. I know the support of patrons is what makes the work of the nonprofit Sundance Institute possible, and I want to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this important mission. I hope you will consider supporting the Institute today, because your contribution can make a huge difference to not only us individual filmmakers… but also to the world at large.

Make a small act today! Click here to support artists worldwide.

Much thanks to all of you!

Jennifer Arnold

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals at Sundance's Music Cafe

The Music Café is a program produced by the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and which presents an intimate and dynamic showcase of live performances by emerging and established artists during the Sundance Film Festival.  Located at the Stanfield Gallery on lower Main Street, the transformed gallery is an experientially appropriate setting for the sumptuous and poetic style of the artists performing there.  This year the Sundance ASCAP Music Café featured such artists as Leann Rimes, The Fray, AM, Brendan Benson,  Sonos and Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.

Grace Potter singing at the Music Cafe during Sundance Film Festival

When I saw that Grace Potter and The Nocturnals were making an appearance at Sundance’s Music Café, a production by the ASCAP during the Film Festival, I jumped at the opportunity to go and listen to this voice which I had only ever heard in duet with other artists.  I arrived at the venue with a friend who had seen the show the evening before and was so dazzled by the performance she forced us to quit work early for her second round and arrive in enough time to assure a good spot.  It was no mistake as we were delightfully treated to the sultry voice of Holly Palmer, Joey and Rory– a husband and wife duo, and an eclectic Pop artist- AM before The Nocturnal’s blessed us with their presence…And I mean truly blessed us.   Before the anticipated act began, I ran to the bathroom in a frantic hurry so as not to miss even a pluck of a guitar string, only to find Grace Potter standing right in front of me in the bathroom line.  I looked around at the 3 other people in the room who were so busy glamming over their hair and makeup or talking on their phones that they didn’t even notice her distinct presence. I continued to stare at her in awe thinking about what I could say, but came up with nothing.  The reality of the moment seemed fantastical and if you have ever been in the presence of someone of that stature, you know exactly what I mean.  After my star struck bathroom experience, I made my way back to my spot in the crowd and anxiously awaited her entrance.   If my age had prevented the opportunity for me to see the Rolling Stones live in their prime, Grace Potter made up for that unfortunate circumstance ten-fold.  Not only was her comically pristine personality invigorating, but the audience began to ripple with energy and awe as this woman’s vocals seemed to be channeling the soulful style of Janis Joplin.    Her performance resonated with me for the remainder of the evening as I continued to wonder whether or not I had just had a transcendental experience.

With four albums under their wings, we can only hope for more, and as the legendary blues singer Taj Mahal put it “ This is an amazing band!  Keep your eyes on this one.”