Sweet Dance of Summer

While Mother Nature is obviously confused as to which part of the year it is supposed to be, (come on 65 degrees one week and a blizzard the next!), the people of Park City know what they want and are ready to share it with you. Many restaurants have woken from their slumber of the post ski season drums, and with a clear mind and fresh kitchen your taste buds will be delighted with the sweet dance of summer foods in your mouth. The resorts have begun preparations for another lush green summer of zip lining and sliding, biking and hiking. And while we in Park City know that sunny, 80 degree days are not far away, I guess you could say that we are a little anxious, so time to pray to the Sun Gods?

The summer of 2010 is sure to be a great one – free concerts, music in the mountains, wine fun. . . and eventually (hint hint Mother Nature) some sun!