Spring Skiing in Park City, Utah

We all know this has been a crazy winter with lack of snow and warmer temperatures, but this wasn’t the case for Utah over the past 72 hours.  I suppose Mother Nature wanted to bless the coming of Spring because the resorts in Park City, and all around Utah, received 24 inches of snow – or more!

It all started Sunday, March 18, when I woke up the morning after a festive St. Patrick’s Day (to say the least)… I looked outside the window and there it was… snow had covered the earth and Park City was once again the heavenly and beautiful white we love so much.  And it didn’t stop there… it continued to snow all day Sunday, Sunday night and all day Monday as well.  As the locals like to say, “it was puking out there!”  So this could only mean one thing — POWDER DAY!

I am originally from the Midwest and this is my first official winter season living in Park City, so you can only imagine the slight disappointment I’ve had because of our snow conditions.  Especially after the crazy record-breaking amounts of snow the nation received last year.  So when the powder opportunity arrived, you better believe I was geared up and ready to head to Canyons Resort! And let me tell you, it was crazy, awesome, breathtaking, exhausting and so much fun all rolled into one.  Mother Nature kept playing tricks on us, though… one minute the snow is dumping and I can’t see anything in the low light, and the next minute the sun was shining.  So you just had to go with the flow and go for it… For all  you other powder-lovers out there, I hope you were able to enjoy as well.

For a complete snow report on the Utah Resorts, click here.  I know you might be looking into those summer beach destinations, but I’m not convinced that winter is over quite yet.  Park City Lodging, Inc. is offering amazing end-of-the-seasons specials and discounts.  Be sure to check out our Specials page and call one of our destination specialists to find the perfect lodging deal that’s right for you and your budget.  Hey, this could be you out there… just sayin’…

Spring Powder Day 3.19.12

View from Canyons Resort

Come and get that POWDER!