Park City Lodging, Inc.'s Property Rating System

1629 Lakeside, Deer Valley ResortOne of the great things about choosing a rental property for your vacation lodging is that each property is unique. This makes it easy to find a rental that is absolutely perfect for the group you’re traveling with. We know that guests have an abundance of lodging options to choose from for their vacation in Park City, and one of the best things about Park City Lodging, Inc. is that we offer guests a variety of accommodations, from hotel rooms to 6-bedroom houses that range from economy to premier, in order to fit every traveler’s taste and budget. We know that our guests are savvy, and we do everything we can do add value at every property rating level.

While the uniqueness of each property is what can make choosing a specific lodging option so fun, it can also be a source of confusion. This is why Park City Lodging, Inc. has adopted a rating system that we apply to each of the properties we manage—in order to relieve some of the confusion you might have about what exactly you can expect out of your vacation rental.

Park City Lodging, Inc. adheres to a strict quality rating standard established by a nationally recognized authority on resort quality ratings. Using a standardized rating system enhances both our guests’ and our owners’ experiences. Guests feel confident in their property choice because they know exactly what they’re getting before they arrive in Park City, and owners know that our highly-trained staff members will give them appropriate recommendations for improving their property according to industry standards.   “Owners appreciate having a set standard. There is a definition as to what each rating requires and they appreciate the fact that they’re all being treated equally,” says our Owner Services Manager, Connie Williams. “And the travel partners we work with love our rating system,” she says. “They deem it more reliable than other companies.”

Our quality rating evaluation addresses furnishings, property décor and quality. We evaluate the flooring and window treatments, the paint, updates and renovations that the kitchen and bathrooms might need, and furnishings that are starting to wear or electronics that need to be updated. We also evaluate whether artwork, lamps, and bedding has become dated.

We know that a large part of being successful in the vacation rental industry is the ability to keep our properties on-trend with amenities that travelers have grown to expect. Keeping this in mind, we reevaluate the ratings of our properties on a yearly basis, giving owners upgrade suggestions that keep their properties fresh and attractive. We know that adhering to these standards gives all of our customers—both owners and guests—confidence in choosing Park City Lodging, Inc.