One Man's Journey from Coast to Coast

A close friend of ours shared his funny and entertaining story of driving cross country.  Enjoy….!

Hello Friends,

Well you would think that driving from Iowa to Indiana would be what you all imagined – flat and boring. Well it is definitely flat but today was anything but boring. It started out that way, but boy did it change. This is kind of a long story so get a drink and settle in. I was driving along I-80 in Iowa, hearing from lots of you so I wouldn’t be bored. Had the car set on cruise control at 76mph (the speed limit in Iowa is 70) and all of a sudden I pass a state cop. I tap my brakes not really worried since I wasn’t really over the speed limit when the cop pulls up along side of me. No lights flashing, just driving right next to me. For at least 2 miles. I start looking at him and he looks at me, giving no real sign to pull over but  finally he pulls me over.

He comes to the passenger window and asks me how fast I was going. Questions whether I am telling him the truth. Proceeds to ask me where I was coming from. When I tell him I dropped of my wife in Denver because her mother was sick, asks me all these questions about that. The conversation comes to where I had been all winter and I tell him Park City. He wants to know how and why I was there. How I could afford it. I explained losing my job at another ski resort and wanting to see the west. He wanted to know what I did there and so on. Wanted to know if we were in PC for 2 months where are my bags and skis. I explained that we shipped a lot of stuff. He didn’t like that. Then he asked why I didn’t have any bags in the back seat of the truck. By this time I was getting a little aggravated so I asked if he had noticed the dog in the back seat. Then I explained things were in the truck bed. He wanted to see them. I opened it up and he started questioning the bags. I asked if he wanted to look in them. In the end he said no. Finally gave me a warning for speeding which I really wasn’t. He then explained that there has been a lot of drugs being run from West to East. I guess he must have thought traveling with a cat and dog was a cover.

But guess what? The story doesn’t end there. I continue driving and get through Illinois and am now in Indiana. Cruise control on now at like 69 because their speed limit is 65. Driving along talking to Rob Batchelder, actually telling him the earlier story and I drive by 3 staties sitting in the middle of the highway. I see them and hit the brakes, as anyone would do, but I wasn’t speeding. Out pulls ALL 3 cars after me with lights going. I pull over. One cop comes to the passenger window. When I put it down Stormy pops up and gives him a big hiss ( she is touugher than Spenser). ! So he says – let me come to your window.  He comes over ( the other troopers are standing behind the truck) and asks me why I was stopped. I said I don’t know. He says I swerved when I stepped on the brakes. I said Isn’t it a natural reaction to seeing a police officer? He asks me to get out of the car and to get into his police car. We go over and he tells me to get into the front seat and another statie gets into the back seat. He starts asking me all the same questions as the Iowa cop. By now I know something is up on the highway. Asks about my trip and my life and my mother-in-law and then why we were in Park City for so long and where are my bags and so forth. This time I show him the bags and tell him to search the bags. At first he says no, then I tell him again to do it and he does.

Meanwhile I am standing watching him going through our bags in my new t-shirt from Snow Basin. Suddenly I hear the 2 other cops behind me talking and one say – I can’t stand it any longer I have to take it off and he rips something off my back. It is the x-large sticker running down my back. They are laughing, I am laughing and I mention that I have been in at least three public places in this shirt already today. One cop says my wife always takes care of that. Anyway it breaks the ice. Also the guy didn’t find anything in the bags of course. They let me go with a warning for swerving. They did admit that lots of drugs have been going west to east in cars. There must be something out about black trucks or something.

Well it took me off my allotted time by over an hour. Then I didn’t realize it but I got on eastern time in Indiana so I lost another hour due to that. But at least I didn’t get any tickets!!! Also the town Beth picked for me tonight is much bigger than last night and I am in a Holiday Inn which has no bugs to wonder about tonight!!!

One more night before I get to Rhode Island.

Keep on trucking…