New Mobile Application Integration

This is an example of what Park City Lodging, Inc.’s mobile application’s home screen will look like on an iPhone once launched.

We’re excited to announce the development of our new guest services mobile application. The application will serve as a mobile concierge for Park City Lodging, Inc. guests, providing them with information about Park City including maps and news updates about events happening in town during guests’ stays.

According to a study done by Prosper Mobile Insights, nearly 79 percent of smartphone users use their smartphone or tablet on vacation. The app was a natural choice for us as we continue to strive to be on the cutting edge of hospitality technology. In recent years, travel bookings have become more last minute, and staying on top of emerging tech and travel trends also allows us to be more flexible for people booking last-minute and closer to their stay.

We know that mobile technology is an important part of our guests’ lives, and we adopted the mobile application because it puts us on the cutting edge.

When visitors to Park City stay with us, they’ll be prompted to download the application upon reservation confirmation. The app will provide the guest with check-in information and details about their property such as directions to the rental and passwords for WiFi networks, among other things.

We know that not all of our clients have adopted new technology, and embracing change doesn’t mean we’ll forgo personal communication, especially for guests who do not use smartphones.

We see the development of this application as not only beneficial for our company and our guests, but as a resource for other businesses and residents in park City as well. The app will include a list of businesses like restaurants, spas, ski shops, adventure companies and other points of interest in Park City. Accompanying this list will be contact information and directions from where the user is located in relation to the Park City business they wish to visit, allowing guests to have relevant information at their fingertips. The benefit for Park City residents is that even those who aren’t staying with Park City Lodging, Inc. will have free access to the app so they’ll be able to use some of those features as well.

We’re excited about the opportunity this will afford to not only our guests, but also the residents of and businesses in Park City.

For more information please contact Colette Maddock, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, by emailing