Dear Sam, Having a Blast in Park City – Where are YOU?


Clear blue sunny skies are what we call “bluebird” days, when we can see for 40-50 miles!  These are times when we can enjoy the panoramic mountain views to the max, and no one has trouble seeing ahead down the trail or bowl….. perfect cruising conditions, although many of us are doing snow dances for the next powder dump.  It is supposed to snow tonight through Friday, although right now it is projected to be occasional light dumps for a few days rather than the monster storm we locals love.  Still, it will freshen things up and many times we get a lot more snow than predicted, so let’s hope this is one of those times.

Aerial View of town and Park City Mountain Resort

Aerial View of town and Park City Mountain Resort

Photo courtesy of Park City Mountain Resort

Yes, we do love winter here, we do love winter here….. let it snow, let it snow…… We’ve had a lovely White Christmas and now we are looking for our classic big powder dumps in early January!

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