Park City History

Park City’s story began 135 years ago when Army soldiers discovered rich silver veins in the mountain above what would become Park City. Since that time, Park City has been home to a colorful cast of characters, set among silver mines, saloons and eventually ski lifts.

Park City Mining History

Park City owes its birth and fame to the surrounding mountains. In 1868, federal soldiers discovered that these peaks capped a wealth of silver ore. The subsequent silver rush brought forth Park City, which grew into one of the richest, wildest and most celebrated mining towns in the West.

By the 1950’s, the silver had run out and Park City seemed destined to become a ghost town. But the mountains once again brought life to the town, only this time the treasure lay atop the slopes rather than beneath them. Utah powder – the skiers “gold standard” for snow – transformed Park City into a ski town. By the 1980’s, Park City was renowned as home to world-class ski resorts.

Park City Skiing History

Early Park City miners used skis back in the 1880’s for transportation to the mines, but by the 1920’s, skiing was becoming a recreational sport. Scandinavian miners built a jump on the Creole Mine dump, (now the Creole ski run to the Town Lift), and held jumping tournaments. Park City’s young adults formed the Park City Ski Club and guided kids and adults on ski tours on the hills that one day would become Park City Mountain Resort. As early as 1923 the Park Record newspaper was predicting skiing would make Park City “a mecca for winter sports.”

Park City Olympic History

In 1995, Park City struck it big time once again when Utah won the international bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Although Salt Lake City hosted the Games, most of the alpine events were held on Park City’s slopes.

It is fitting that Park City, Utah, a town founded on precious metal, will be remembered most by the gold, silver and bronze medals of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Park City’s three venues hosted 26 Olympic events- exactly 1/3 of all 78 Olympic events – men’s and women’s moguls, free syle aerials and alpine slalom. PCMR hosted 6 event’s- men’s and women’s halfpipe, Snowboard GS and Alpine GS. The Utah Olympic Park (UOP hosted 14 events – Nordic combined Sprint, Individual and Team jumping; K90, K120 and K120 Team jumping; men’s and women’s luge; doubles luge; 4-man bobsled; 2-man boblesd; and men’s and women’s skeleton. Deer Valley Resort hosted the freestyle moguls, aerial and alpine slalom events. *Team USA won 17 medals in Park City, Utah -5 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze.