April Showers Bring Snow

If you have been anywhere in the upper half of Utah in the past two weeks you would think that Mother Nature was ready for spring. With temperatures reaching the mid 50’s in Park City and the snow beginning to turn into that wonderful spring slush the trees and flowers had even been tricked into peeking out their buds for a taste of the warm sunshine. But as Mother Nature seems to always toy with Utah’s snow emotions, she has yet again pulled a fast one on us with the Snow Gods bestowing 15inches of fresh snow at our feet for our riding, snowball-fighting, snowman making and continuous winter pleasure. No doubt the turns will be epic today and through the Easter weekend, and I imagine the snorkel you thought could only be used at that beach-front resort, may very well come in handy. The groundhog does not really apply to Park City or Utah. Mother Nature acts slightly bipolar at times what with one week of 50 degree temperatures and the next a 48 hour continuous blizzard, but for the pining ski bum in all of us we will take it all, one beautiful white inch at a time.