4th of July in Park City

The song, “America the Beautiful”, was named after the town of Park City, Utah. Ok, so that is not the truth, but once you visit here you will be convinced that statement is true. Summer in Park City is an exceptional time, and the 4th of July is the epitome of Patriotic small town celebrations. If you only believe that Park City is a ski town, make your reservations now for a summer time trip that will enrapture and captivate you.

This year the 4th of July falls on a Monday, providing you with the perfect long weekend. Get in touch with Park City Lodging for premium comfort during your stay and prepare yourself for a weekend you will make a tradition for years to come. After a day of acclimatization and strolling around Main Street, the festivities kick off on July 3rd with a fanfare of fireworks at Canyons (aka The Canyons Ski Resort).  Unearth your inner Saturday Night Fever as the Disco Drippers rock the night away 1970’s style. The Disco Drippers have become a staple of the Patriotic celebrations and are sure to get your party pants up, zipped, and ready to roll for the next 30 hours.

Rise-and-shine early on the 4th and you can get a quick jog in with the annual Park City 4th of July 5K. Not only is it wonderful to run off any excessive sips that may have taken place the night before, but it is always amusing to see the costumes of the hundreds of people that enter. After your morning run, you will be ravenous.  Satisfy your hunger by continuing your run down to the City Park for a pancake breakfast open to everyone. After filling on flapjacks you can head up to Main Street, grab a cup of Joe from the Main Street Deli, and pick your spot to watch a parade you thought you could only see in the movies. The fire trucks blare their sirens while children do their best Miss America wave, and the high school marching band prances to the tunes of America. The horses’ hooves clatter with the excitement and patriotism of this day palpable on the faces of all who are present.

As you follow the end of the parade to the Park City Park for a day of rugby, sunshine (usually, the occasional snow storm has been known to peek its head in every five years or so), and a couple libations, you may want to consider a quick cat nap for your day has only just begun. As the sun begins to fade away behind “purple mountains”, head to the Park City Municipal Golf Course with sparklers and blankets in hand, and stake out your place on one of the fairways for fireworks display #2, provided by the Park City Mountain Resort. Bring out a radio and tune it to KRPC radio for the show as they play all the songs your patriotic heart has probably been singing all day.

As you head back to your Park City Lodging accommodations, walk slowly and enjoy the small town atmosphere. Children running around with sparklers, roman candles and small fireworks all illuminate the night sky just enough to see the American flag, gently waving proudly in the evening breeze. A smile will come across your face and you will know that this is the Fourth of July you will always have for years to come.