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Park City Museum Provides Visitors with History

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Park City MuseumWhile vacationing in Park City, learn more about the history of the area at the Park City Museum – one of the best local history museums in the country.

Park City Museum will take you back to the time of the original settlers and through the mining days, teaching you about how this magical place in the Wasatch Mountains turned in to the thriving town that it is today. As you plan your trip to Park City, make sure to include a stop at Park City Museum on your itinerary!

Settlers Make Their Way West to Park City
Park City Museum’s “From Around the World” exhibit explains how settlers from all over the East Coast, and even the world, made their way to Park City. The exhibit includes a Kimball Stagecoach, one of the main methods of transportation in those times, and also offers visitors the chance to climb aboard a recreated rail car.

Park City’s Boom as a Mining Town
The “Days of Ore” exhibit at Park City Museum gives visitors the chance to explore a scaled down version of the late 19th century Mega Mine. Learn about the dangerous mining profession, how ore becomes silver and even take a turn drilling into the rock face! Park City’s mining history continues to shape the town to this day.

Skiing Comes to Park City
Did you know that first method of transporting skiers to the top of Park City’s mountains was a subway? Climb into the original car that took skiers through the subsurface mining tunnels and watch a film explaining Park City’s transition from a mining town to a ski town.

Park City’s Dungeon
Most visitors strolling down Main Street have no idea that beneath them is a dungeon that served as Park City’s territorial jail. Visitors to Park City Museum can tour the jail and learn more about some of its most infamous residents.

How to Visit
Park City Museum is located in the heart of downtown at 528 Main Street and is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday from 12-6 p.m. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children and free for kids under six years old.

As you make plans to visit Park City Museum during your vacation, find the perfect accommodations through Park City Lodging. We have properties close to the museum on downtown Main Street as well as at all three ski resorts. Let Park City Lodging help you plan an amazing vacation!

Vail Resorts buys Park City Mountain Resort for $182.5M

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Breaking News!

After a prolonged legal battle, Powdr Corporation, owner of Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR), and Vail Resorts, Inc. have brokered a truce.  Park City Mountain Resort sold its base facilities, parking, lift ticket offices, lease on the terrain and other necessary functions for an operating ski resort for $182.5 million to Vail Resorts. In 2011, PCMR failed to renew its lease on the land that it operated with its land holding company, Talisker Corporation. Close to a year after the mistake was made, Talisker announced that Vail Resorts would assume the right to the disputed PCMR terrain and become the head representative of the legal battle. On September 9, after years of court hearings and mediation, PCMR recently agreed to pay a $17.5 million dollar bond to keep the resort up and functioning for the upcoming season. Then today, September 11, the sale was announced.

“Selling was the last thing we wanted to do, and while we believe the law around this issue should be changed, a protracted legal battle is not in line with our core value to be good stewards of the resort communities in which we operate,” said John Cumming, CEO of Powdr Corp. “A sale was the only way to provide long-term certainty for PCMR employees and the Park City community. My family and I are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to play a role in making PCMR what it is today, and we deeply appreciate the dedicated employees and all of the people who have supported us over the years.”

“I think the most important piece of today’s announcement is it really ends all the litigation, the disruption and ensures that we will not be talking about any potential concerns around the resort operating at any time for the future,” said Rob Katz, CEO of Vail Resorts. “I think it provides comfort and long-term security to the company and to the employees of PCMR.”  Vail also announced that PCMR will become part of the Epic Pass effective immediately. The Epic Pass is a popular multi-mountain season pass that is available for the 2014-2015 ski season.

 So what does this mean for Park City Lodging, Inc.?

Park City Lodging, Inc. is embracing the change in ownership of PCMR and looking forward to the upcoming ski season. Rhonda Sideris, President of Park City Lodging, Inc. stated, “The important thing is that PCMR will operate for the ski season and we can get back to selling vacations without the uncertainty our guests and owners were faced with. Our guests have come to know and love Park City, our three resorts and everything we have to offer.  We are very pleased that all three of our resorts will be operational year round, providing over 9300 skiable acres of terrain!”

Park City Lodging, Inc.’s Marlyn Taillon was interviewed on Fox News 13 in regards to the ownership change.



Sochi Winter Olympic Athletes with Utah ties

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If Utah were competing as its own country, it would have finished 10th in the overall medal count. Fourteen of team USA’s 28 medals were won by athletes with Utah ties. Six of these medals were won by Park City Locals.

Twenty three of the USA’s winter athletes attend school at Westminster College located in Salt Lake City. USSA athletes receive free tuition to attend Utah’s only private liberal arts college. According to Westminster media spokesperson, Arikka Von,”Westminster has had an ongoing nine- year-long partnership with the USSA offering tuition, grant programs, and other scholarship services to help athletes pursue higher education. “

It’s no surprise that the “Greatest Snow on Earth” is a hot bed for winter training. After hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics Salt Lake and Park City Training facilities are busier than ever.  Park City is home to the USSA headquarters and training facility where team USA winter athletes can train for free with personalized coaching staff and state of the art equipment.

Congratulations to all of our athletes and a big thank you for representing our Country, State, and town. Your heroes to us all. You may not have noticed but Park City Lodging is a proud sponsor of the US bobsled team. Our logo raced alongside our boys on the track under the BMW badge. Cheers.

Below is the medal count break down for Utah athletes. For a complete medal count Click here.


Sage Kotsenburg- Snowboard Slopstyle

Joss Christensen- Freeskiing Slopestyle

Kaitlyn Farrington- Snowboard Women’s Superpipe

David Wise- Men’s Ski Halfpipe

Ted Ligety- Men’s Giant Slalom


Devin Logan- Freeskiing Women’s Slopestyle

Noelle Pikus Pace- Women’s Skeleton

J.R. Celski, Chris Creveling, Jordan Malone, and Eduard Alvarez- Men’s 5000 M Relay


Steven Holcomb- Bobsled

Julia Mancuso- Super Combined Slalom

Alex Deibold- Snowboard Cross

Steven Holcomb, Chris Fogt, Steven Langton, Curtis Tomasevicz- Bobsled Four-man

By: Dallin Hall, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Celebrate 30 years with us this ski season!

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Park City Lodging, Inc. teamThis year, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary, and passing our excitement along to our customers! We’ve been helping visitors to Park City, Utah plan their perfect vacation for 30 years, and in conjunction with our anniversary, we’re proud to have been named the “Best Property Management Company” in Park City in the Readers Choice Awards put on by the Park Record.

Park City Lodging, Inc.’s story begins in 1984 when Rhonda Sideris, president and founder of Park City Lodging, Inc. (formerly R&R Properties), discovered a need for quality vacation rental management in Park City’s growing resort community. She worked by herself in that first year, caring for and renting out a small number of properties in the area. When her inventory ballooned to nearly 20 homes she hired 3 new employees to be in charge of maintenance, accounting, and housekeeping. 30 years later, she manages a team of 70 people during high-season winter months.

Over the years, Park City Lodging, Inc. has filled needs in many property niches–from selling real estate and managing long-term rentals, to providing vacation rental management services throughout all of greater Park City. Ten years ago, Park City Lodging, Inc. made the decision to streamline our business offerings both in scope and geography. Currently, we provide management for vacation rentals, second home owners and homeonwer’s associations in Park City’s three resort areas: Canyons, Deer Valley, and Park City Mountain. “I wanted to be the very best vacation rental management company in town, so I had to let go of a few things,” says Sideris.

Focusing on these three niches within the resort areas has led Park City Lodging, Inc. to the number one place we’re in today. “People believe in us, they trust us,” says Sideris, “I have an owner who has been with me for 29 years, and guests who have been staying with us equally as long.” That’s something our team is very proud of, and we look forward to creating even more memorable mountain vacations for Park City visitors in the years to come.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our anniversary packages, and thank you for your continued support!

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2013 New Years Resolutions

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In the spirit of New Years Eve, we decided to come up with a few company-wide resolutions for 2013.

1. Get out and explore our backyard more!
Park City is a 4-season playground, something that we often take for granted because we’re lucky enough to wake up in this beautiful town every day. So, in 2013 we vow to get outside more. We will explore the hundreds of miles of hiking and mountain biking trails in the spring, summer and fall. We will ski and/or snowboard at all three of our world-class resorts—Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort, and Deer Valley—as much as we possibly can. We will go snowshoeing, rock climbing, golfing, fishing and do everything in between.

2. Be more involved in our local community.
There are over 100 nonprofits in Park City. In 2013 we will get together as an organization and volunteer our time to at least one or two of these non-profits.

3. Break ground on our new building.
We’re in the process of building a new office for Park City Lodging, Inc. It will house all of our departments and will include a living roof and co-op garden. Our laundry facility is currently off-site, but will be housed in the new building with the rest of our operations. As part of our company-wide sustainability effort, laundry at the new facility will use recycled water.

4. Keep it green!
Park City Lodging, Inc. is committed to sustainability: We donate 1% for open space in Park City, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and toiletries in all of our rental units, and we are passionate about recycling. In 2013 we would like to implement comprehensive recycling programs at all of our properties and promote sustainability company-wide.

5. Continue to be on the cutting edge of technology and communication.
In 2013 we will continue to find innovative ways to communicate effectively with our owners and guests in order to provide them with the best experience possible. In 2012 we invested in a mobile concierge application for our guests that not only provides GPS directions to and from our properties, shows restaurant recommendations, ski rental shop information, and property-specific instructions; but also allows us to communicate directly with our guests through push notifications. In 2013 we plan to utilize the mobile application to communicate with our guests even more.

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